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Cigars in South Florida

Smoke Inn smoke shop is the epicenter of cigars in South Florida. With a huge online cigar store, the exclusive microblend series, and 11 retail locations with relaxing and luxurious cigar lounges, Smoke Inn is a haven for Cigar Smokers in South Flordia. Smoke Inn is also behind The Great Smoke, and the Smoke Inn Series of Poker which are two of the most unique cigar events of the year. Smoke Inn also produces the fun and irreverent Kiss My Ash Radio show that is dedicated to life, liberty, & the pursuit of fine cigars. When you think of cigars in South Florida, think Smoke Inn.

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Buy cigars online at Smoke Inn Cigars is your friendly knowledgable online smoke shop. Smoke Inn is known around the world for personalized service, as well as the microblend series which features exclusive cigars by Padron, Fuente, My Father, Tatuaje, & Room 101. When you shop for cigars online you can find the best deals on premium cigars as well as cheap cigars, humidors and the best cigar accessories at Smoke Inn smoke shop.
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Our Locations

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With Smoke Inn's eleven South Florida locations, not only do we continue bringing the joys and adventures of cigar smoking to our many friends and patrons, but also to create the bonds and memorable times for all those who share our passion. Smoke Inn retail locations feature a huge selection of cigars, maintained in state-of-the-art humidors, and friendly relaxing smoking lounges for the perfect finish.
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Microblend Series

Smoke Inn cigars exclusive microblend series

South Florida's Smoke Inn has commissioned some of the world's top manufacturers such as Tatuaje, Padron, Fuente, My Father, Room 101, creating the Microblend series of cigars. These one-time limited batch productions use only the finest tobaccos available, and the manufacturers pay the utmost attention to quality and craftsmanship, producing some of the most sought-after cigars in the world.
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Kiss My Ash Radio

Kiss My Ash cigar radio

Kiss My Ash Radio is a weekly radio show broadcasting from the Smoke Inn studios in South Florida. This informing and fun show is a must listen for any cigar smoker. With features such as "Meet Your Maker", "Blogger's Corner", "Cigar Pairings", "Dummy Dialers", & "Ash Hole of the Week", there is a little something for everyone. Kiss My Ash Radio is dedicated to life, liberty, & the pursuit of fine cigars.
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Smoke Inn Poker Series

Smoke Inn cigars Series of poker

The Smoke Inn Series of Poker is one of the most unique poker tournaments in South Florida. The winner receives airfare to Las Vegas, 5 days, 4 nights accommodations, and a seat to the 2013 World Series of Poker. Don't miss this exciting day full of prizes, cigar industry greats, and the famous Royal Flush Prize! This poker tournament is open to anyone so check the Tournament website for details.
Smoke Inn cigars Poker Series

The Great Smoke

The Great Smoke cigar event

Smoke Inn's "The Great Smoke" in South Florida has become synonymous with major cigar events. An afternoon of camaraderie for the cigar consumer, as well as the people who continually work to produce the cigars we love. With over 33 premium brands from over 23 different manufacturers and over 16 principals from the cigar industry, The Great Smoke is an event that no cigar lover can miss.
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Smoke Inn host the best cigar events in the industry